BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging application or better known BBM will be turned off on May 31, 2019. BBM was popular in the 2000s and is very popular.

In the crackberry report, Emtek has announced the termination of BBM services for consumers. Emtek Group is a company in Indonesia that manages BBM.

“BBM services for consumers will be stopped on May 31, 2019,” wrote the crackberry, Thursday (04/18/2019).

BBM is indeed difficult to survive after being attacked by various similar services. Like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, to Telegram.
Since 2016, the management of BBM in Indonesia has been carried out by the Emtek Group.

A poster accompanied by BBM icons was circulating on social media. In the poster there are farewell words that read “Time to say goodbye. BBM will stop operating on May 31, 2019. Thank you for being part of the BBM trip in Indonesia. “

In crackberry reports, one reason for closing BBM services is the difficulty of getting new customers.

Many consumers in Indonesia prefer Whatsapp and other features that are equipped with various video call features.

While BBM from its initial appearance often gets complaints. Like a message that is difficult to send. To compete, BBM also complements features such as other instant messaging applications, such as sending messages with stickers, video calls, and also can pay various bills through the application.

Although it has been equipped with various features, the popularity of BBM is still inferior to other applications. BBM which has the characteristic of ‘pin’ as the user’s identity must end.

No one will exchange pins to be friends or just send instant messages.

“We are proud of what we have built so far. However, the technology industry is very fluid and despite our great efforts, users have moved to other platforms. Meanwhile, new users have proven difficult to enter, “wrote Crackberry. (FW)

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