Although it is not yet known when Sony will release the PlayStation 5, but PS5 has begun to be widely discussed. From the date of the announcement, launch, and rumors about the details of the PS5.

Reported by, rumors that Sony will announce the release date, detailed specifications, prices, and other things about the PS5 in 2019. Although there is no news, but the PS5 is rumored to be launched in 2020.

The not too much launch of the game and the absence of any plans that passed this year, became a clear sign for the upcoming announcement and launch of PS5 in 2020. If this news is true, it means that the PS5 will be released within six years after the PS4 was released.

Information on the PS5 specifications had leaked some time ago. Reportedly the PS5 will use Navi, which is AMD’s new GPU. The PS5 is also mentioned to be supported by the AMD Zen processor.

The game console is also mentioned to present its ability to play Virtual Reality (VR) like the one on the PS4 now. But with better technology and affordable prices.

PS5 is rumored to be able to play special games PS4, the previous generation. Industry experts estimate the PS5 will be supported with 4K and increase internal storage capacity to 2TB. PS4 Pro is currently only available in 500GB and 1TB versions.

Until now the game company from this cherry country still hasn’t issued any statement regarding PS5.

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