BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen (VW) allegedly allied to limit the development of emission cleaning technology in cars. If the allegations are correct, the company must pay billions of euros in fines.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the European Union (EU) anti-monopoly regulator said on Friday (5/4/2019) that after in-depth investigations they found the company violated EU law from 2006-2014. Illegal allied to limit the launch of the latest gas emission technology, which helps clear exhaust gas pollution from diesel and gasoline cars.

In the latest emissions scandal that hit the automotive industry, the European Commission sent an objection statement to the three companies.

The three companies said they would examine the objection statement and would work with investigators.

The EU, which seeks to tackle climate change, naturally considers emissions from cars to be a big issue because it causes poor quality in Europe which is thought to cause death every year.

EU authorities raided the three companies in October 2017 and opened an investigation in September last year. Previously, in 2015 VW had admitted that they were acting fraudulently in a car emissions test. The cost of fines to be paid can reach 10 percent of the company’s global turnover.

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